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HaiFeng Metal Enterprise Culture

  We pay attention to product quality, meet customer demand, the pursuit of good faith cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results.
  Our customers all over the world, continue to create value for customers is our pursuit and objective.
  Our rich enterprise culture, pay attention to the quality of employees training, build good enterprise atmosphere

Haifeng core idea system, including:
Business philosophy:Best management, best service, best benefit;
Management concept:Scientific, marketization and systematized;
Quality concept:Unceasingly enterprising, first-class, to meet customer expectations of products;
Service concept:Sincerely, careful, careful, rest assured, patience;
Talent concept:Treatment of retention、Career advancement opportunities、Leave a person feeling;
Cultural concept:The traditional culture in haifeng,To the core of the quality construction of hai feng culture;
The core ideas:People as the base、Service for this、Management to win;
Brand concept:Have affinity meticulously、charisma、cohesion、Influence and driving force of "hai feng" brand image.
Vigorously carry forward the "unity, struggle, pragmatic, enterprising" spirit of enterprise

Jiangyin JinHaifeng Metal Trade CO., LTD

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